Boondock Explorations Barrie, ON

Friday, May 2, 2008

Radar Base Edgar

Edgar is one of those places that is really hard to describe when people ask about it… When you say abandoned radar station/occupational centre it really doesn’t grasp the vastness of the property. When we were first told about the old radar station, we weren’t expecting an entire town. Completely overwhelmed would be a good way to describe what we were feeling.

We entered Edgar through the bush and back behind the houses… Now, usually on our explorations we go to a single house, so when we saw a complete street of abandoned housing we didn’t quite know what to do. Our knowledgeable guide instructed that what ever we decide, we better get indoors so the guards wouldn’t spot us. He recommended the recreational building just up the way, we agreed as we have been in a number of abandoned houses, but never an abandoned recreational facility.

The recreation centre was enormous. Seeing it from the outside really doesn’t do it justice. There are a number of activities you can take part in on your visit! There is virtually something for everyone!

Are you a keen bowler? Why not start your own sport?... Abandoned Bowling!

Thinking about taking up a little basketball? Why not start your own team?! Here is a full sized gym to fit your needs!
Are you the laid-back type? Just relax in the movie theater!

They haven’t forgotten about the drinkers! A beautifully decorated bar is right in the building!
We really had a great time. Our favorite place in Edgar by far…. To think.. This is all in one building. We would have been happy if this was the entirety of the radar base.

We made our way through some other groovy buildings, and our guide tells us that there is a huge industrial kitchen…. One of our excited explorer’s mom is a chef, so of course we headed towards the loading doors of the kitchen. W-O-W!!!! What a place! Thousands, upon thousands of dollars worth of kitchen equipment rusting away….. Colossal waste of money, but freaking awesome photo opportunity! We showed some of the pictures to the chef….. She couldn't believe it! Tears came to her eyes when she saw the Hobart Mixer.

We definitely had some excellent trips to Edgar while it was free for the viewing. We were sad to see that they have put some heavy boarding up on almost everything in the town. Now, thanks to the tip from Barrie's UrbEx, we know that the electric eyes are watching us……… I think we will stay out of Edgar for now.....
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